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Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 Wrap-up!

2017 Wrap-Up

When 2017 started, I had made it my goal to read ten books this year. For a bibliophile, that’s not a lot. For me, it was reasonable. I didn’t have the time to read. On my way to and from school or to and from work, my face was in a text book, studying, and writing papers. It was truly a never ending cycle. At the start of 2017, I was a business major. By the end of the Spring semester, I realized I was wasting my time doing something I didn’t love. All I ever wanted to do was travel, read, go to museums, and be a fashionista who blogs. Studying business when my hear wasn’t in it seemed ridiculous. So, on my birthday while taking summer courses, I walked straight up to my academic adviser and told her I needed a change.

When Fall ‘17 semester started, I was anxious and excited to be among fellow bibliophiles. Taking these literary classes had broaden my horizon. The class made me want to exceed my reading goal for the year. My favorite part was teaching a class on Roxane Gay’s Bad Feminist Essays. I enjoyed discussing Virginia Woolf's run-on writing and Ezra Pound being a lunatic. I wrote essay that I thought were easy and essays that were difficult. My professors had my fellow classmates and I write these mini theses. I never thought writing a thesis was that hard, but I learned, and I grew. Being an English major stimulated my mind. I really learned some things. Plus, I got to take an Art History course which I was super eager to take. I love art. I love history. I love literature. Put it all together and add in museum trips as a bonus. Art History was loads of fun. I would love nothing more than to take another course.

As for my reading goal, I exceeded the amount I was wanted to read. I read fifteen in total. Yes, I know it’s not a lot. Next year I plan on reading a lot more. I got lost in worlds. I found new worlds. I shipped more people than I can count. Books made me laugh and cry. I went on adventures without having to leave the comfort of my sofa.

Next year will be just as great as 2017 and I’m taking my books with me.

Cheers to 2018!


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